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Feeling time-poor and want to listen to (rather than read) the latest bitcoin news? We hear you! You can listen to the Australian Bitcoin Podcast's most recent news episodes for a summary of the stories below (Episode 14 and Episode 16).

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Price Analysis – While Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same

During April, bitcoin’s price declined from an initial high of AU$63,339 to the monthly low of AU$52,108. In the final two weeks of April, the price fluctuated in a range between AU$52,500 and AU$56,700 until closing the month at around AU$54,250. The overall chart pattern still appears bullish, with another higher low being set during April compared to the previous months of January, February, and March.

On a Lighter Note - Experts Have Pronounced Bitcoin Dead Over 447 Times

Sideways and downward price movements can be nerve-wracking, especially when the mainstream narrative is full of claims that bitcoin has died (or will soon)!

It's helpful to remember noteworthy 'expert' bitcoin skeptics have incorrectly made such statements at least 447 times since bitcoin began.

Check out the Bitcoin Obituaries website for a full listing of alleged bitcoin deaths!