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SatsSpend (Australian Bitcoin Business List) Gets a Make-over

Wondering where to spend your bitcoin? Check out SatsSpend - the Australian Bitcoin Business List!

SatsSpend is a community project sponsored by HardBlock. SatsSpend's aim is to maintain a list of Australian businesses that accept bitcoin payments, as well as to provide links to helpful resources for both spenders and recipients of bitcoin. SatsSpend was previously a simple text list on a Github page, but it's just had a make-over to include a search feature and an interactive map.

Let us know if there are any other Australian businesses which accept bitcoin that we can add to the list!

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Feeling time-poor and want to listen to the latest bitcoin news? Check out the Australian Bitcoin Podcast's recent news episodes for a summary of the stories below (Episode 28 and Episode 31).

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Price Analysis – Bitcoin and Bonds and Commodities, Oh My!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is so much more. Check out this recent episode from the Australian Bitcoin Podcast to hear Jeremy's bitcoin technical analysis and a summary of other current macroeconomic happenings.

We apologise for the low audio volume - that'll be fixed in future episodes!

Australian Bitcoin Podcast Episode 29 - Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Macroeconomic Update

Food For ThoughtMental Gymnastics Can't Outrun The Cantillon Effect

Source: Lina Seiche ( &

While central bankers and fiat economists perform unrelenting mental gymnastics in an attempt to convince the world that expanding the money supply doesn't lead to price inflation, the rest of us bear daily witness to The Cantillon Effect.

The Cantillon Effect, coined by economist Richard Cantillon in his 1755 seminal work Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en General, describes the inevitability of how creating more money without an equivalent value creation will cause there to be more dollars chasing the same amount of goods, which pushes the cost of those goods higher (ie, because demand increases while supply stays the same).

Cantillon further describes how the beneficiaries of monetary expansion tend to be those closest to the proverbial "money printer"; namely: governments, central banks, private banks, and any large organisations they're partnered with. In sum, the top 1% (or even 0.1%!) get richer, while the rest have their life savings and daily purchasing power eroded.

Luckily, on a long enough time scale, bitcoin fixes this!

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