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News about the latest events in Bitcoin.

August Newsletter

A major website update, more inflation, a possible Australian bitcoin ETF and is the low in for the bitcoin price?

July Newsletter

HardBlock's July Newsletter covers recent global and local bitcoin news, bitcoin price analysis, and some food for thought about inflation and the Cantillon Effect.

Is Bitcoin Dying? (Spoiler: No)

A tongue-in-cheek look at bitcoin's current price volatility, including a summary of the other 400+ times that bitcoin has been declared "dead"!

April Newsletter

HardBlock's April Newsletter covers global and local bitcoin news, including the Central African Republic making bitcoin legal tender, Texas becoming the first government to mine bitcoin, Fidelity offering bitcoin investments in their employee pensions, and other news.

March Newsletter

This monthly newsletter covers HardBlock's recent sponsorship of the SatsSpend Australian Bitcoin Business List, recent bitcoin news headlines, price analysis, and ways to stay humble when discussing bitcoin with no-coiners!