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SatsSpend - Australian Bitcoin Business List

HardBlock has initiated a community project to maintain a list of Australian businesses that accept bitcoin. The aim is to establish and encourage a circular economy in which Australian bitcoiners can more easily spend their "Sats" with bitcoin businesses (and so bitcoin businesses get the support they deserve!).

Note: Sats is the name of the smallest denomination of bitcoin. There are 100,000,000 Sats in 1 bitcoin. For example, 0.00001000 BTC/bitcoin is equivalent to 1000 Sats.

Check the list out if you're looking for places to spend your Sats. Please contact us if you know of any other bitcoin businesses which should be added to the list!

Bitcoin Headlines

Feeling time-poor and want to listen to (rather than read) the latest bitcoin global news? We hear you! You can listen to the Australian Bitcoin Podcast's most recent news episodes for a summary of the stories listed below (specifically: Episode 6 and Episode 11).

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Price Analysis – Bitcoin Price Mostly Unaware of Recent Bullish News

During the first week of March, bitcoin’s price went from a high of around AU$62,483 to the monthly low of AU$50,393. In the final few weeks of March, the price of bitcoin gradually trended back upwards until setting a new monthly high of AU$62,943. It's worth noting that bitcoin's March price action set both a higher high and a higher low compared to the values seen during February, which may signal a bullish trend reversal from the downtrend that has been ongoing since November 2021.

On a Lighter Note - Stay Humble and Keep it Simple When Discussing Bitcoin


As bitcoin adoption news accelerates and price continues its upward trend, you'll likely have an overwhelming urge to talk the ear off anyone who'll listen to your thoughts about bitcoin. Try not to use "I told you so" statements or complicated explanations. Stay humble and keep it simple!

If you're keen to hear how the Chief Bitcoin Officer of Perth Heat convinced his organisation to adopt a bitcoin standard, then check out this recent Australian Bitcoin Podcast episode: