Bitcoin News, HardBlock Exchange Update

Bitcoin News Roundup For April 2020

The Bitcoin Halving is only 12 days away! And the mood is getting bullish!

The Halving is expected to occur around May 12th at 8 pm AEST (Perfect time for a party if not for Corona)! The block time being variable means the exact time could still change.

Google Trends shows searches for the halving increased ten-fold.

Past Bitcoin Halvings have historically resulted in bull runs in the months following.

As of this time, the price rose 28% for the month and is still climbing. It is now at the same level as before the Corona shutdowns.

In-fact Bitcoin briefly reached a new all-time high in Argentinians Pesos. That's of-course partially a function of the Peso going down.

HardBlock Updates

We have removed many Bitcoin withdrawal limits and simplified Bitcoin withdrawal system. It is currently:

  • 4 day Block after first time Dollar deposits.
  • 4 day Block after Dollar deposit from a new bank account
  • For POLi deposits only:  $1000 in Bitcoin of your deposit amount can be withdrawn until your deposit comes in (0-3 days).

In Other News

Early Bitcoin startup announced they are shutting down after 6-years. However, a last-minute acquisition offer might have sent them a lifeline.

Bitcoin pioneer Caitlin Long urged the Crypto community to be wary of a large number of IOUs within the crypto industry.

Analyst estimate about 25% of Bitcoin and Ether are held in third-party custody but the entire stable coin sector is based on IOUs.

Caitlin warned that the same incentives in the economy that encourage debt and over-leveraging apply to Crypto Companies.

You can see her Virtual Blockchain Week talk here.

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