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Bitcoin News Roundup For March 2020

It has been a crazy month for the world and for Bitcoin. How different was everything merely a month ago!

Apart from a health crisis what is clearly unfolding is an economic crisis.

Despite expectations, Bitcoin price crashed together with the stock-market. The news of 6T in fiscal and Fed stimulus in the US caused a partial recovery.

While some were stocking up on toilet paper, others were stocking up on gold and Bitcoin.

My local gold dealers in Adelaide were all out of physical gold and silver.

Volume on hardback was about 4 times the average of the past 18 months.

Other exchanges have reported similar volume spikes.

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Investors look to gold and Bitcoin as Fed goes on buying spree.

ATO has been contacting thousands of Crypto investors informing them of their tax obligations.

India has legalised use of Crypto.

Many exchanges and investors have announced plans to move into the Indian market.

US FDIC releases video tweet urging people NOT to withdraw their money from banks.

They could not have made a better advertisement for Bitcoin.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin lays out his 10 year roadmap for Ethereum.