HardBlock Exchange Update

Get Verified Instantly Using DigitalID

You can now get your verified instantly on HardBlock using DigitalID !

What Is DigitalID?

DigitalID is an ID verification service provided by Australian Post.

It allows users to get verified instantly by providing their ID credentials. Users can optionally download the DigitalID app to save their verification status. The app works as a kind of electronic ID which they can reuse to prove their identity without having to provide their credentials. Apart from HardBlock many businesses in Australia support DigitalID.

Our how to start buying Bitcoin guide explains exactly how to use DigitalID to verify on HardBlock.

What Is the benefit For Me?


If you are not verified on HardBlock it’s now easier than ever. You can get verified instantly and start buying Bitcoin in just a few minutes.


When you use DigitalID you do not have to provide your photo ID or your ID card details to HardBlock. We don't receive your document details i.e. passport number, drivers licence number, expiry date.

We only receive your name, DOB and address.

So if you have not done so, create your account get verified and buy Bitcoin in Australia today.