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January Newsletter

Bitcoin Gets an Upgrade. “World’s Largest” Darknet Marketplace (nearly 500,000 users) Has Been Shut Down. Other January news.

December Newsletter

MassMutual announced a purchase of $100 million in BTC. 4 Metrics That Show Why Bitcoin Is Stronger Than Its 2017 High. Other news.

November Newsletter

Analysis of Bitcoin price changes. What caused a surge in btc rate? Hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio on Bitcoin. Other news of November.

Bitcoin News Roundup For October 2020

Famed investor, Paul Tudor Jones, joins Bitcoiners ("really smart and sophisticated people who believe in it"). Which Country is Winning The Digital Currency Race? Bitcoin humor and other news of October.

Bitcoin News Roundup For September 2020

Jack Dorsey, CEO in Twitter, shares his opinion about Bitcoin being probably the best cryptocurrency. More Bitcoin news of September.

Bitcoin News Roundup For August 2020

The CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, considers Bitcoin a superior asset for a long-term store of value. Altcoins are on the rise. Other Bitcoin news of August.